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August 22, 2012

I have two AMAZING books to share with you today. Both were found just by wandering down the aisle at the library, but they are incredible. (I like unexpected finds so much!)


I'm ordering a copy of this one for our home library. That's how much I loved it. It's the story of a make-believe world that a group of children made up in a rocky patch of desert across the street from their homes.

They created a whole city out of rocks, desert glass, cacti, and of course, their imaginations. The story captures the very essence of childhood with all its fantasies and dreams. I remember playing like this as a child with my own friends and it brought back such good memories. Children really do create little worlds in their play and I love how the author captured this in the writing and how the illustrations added to the wonder of it.

The story is actually true--the events happened to the author's own mother. She recaptured it after hearing it detailed by her mother and others who used to play in Roxaboxen. Juliet liked that part best of all.

The Red Bird
This book is somewhat long, so when we first picked it up, I told Juliet we would only read part of it and finish the rest later.

Of course, we read the whole thing through in one sitting. I got so pulled in, I just couldn't stop. :)

Two children live in a gray world full of poverty and hardships--a red bird leads them to a new life and they must make a choice that changes their lives forever. 

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