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August 15, 2012

Is there such a thing as fall cleaning? I feel like I've been doing a bunch of it this past week. 

Our cabinet space is limited, but I do have one nice big one dedicated to art supplies for the kids. Previously to this photo, it was piled from top to bottom with STUFF. 

It was one of those "if you open it, you do so at your own risk" sort of cabinets because more often than not, everything would come crashing down onto you. 

I knew it wasn't working for us for some time, but finally got around to cleaning it up. It took several hours (and finding some shelves in the garage to hijack for art supplies), but I finally got it sorted out. 

This is the "after" photo. I wanted it to be usable by the girls, so we had to edit the contents significantly. 

We've got plain white drawing paper, blank notebooks, crayons, chalk, construction paper, stickers, stencils, chalk and stamps

That's all that I feel comfortable with Lucia having access to. They both love markers, glue, glitter, and of course paint, but with my little Picasso, I just can't take the risk of having her sneak them out and start painting the furniture, so I moved them to a shelf in the garage. (I can still get to it easily, but it's out of the little one's reach!) 

I don't have this set yet, but it is on my list of things to purchase. How Artists See Jr. Boxed Set looks to be a great addition to our home library. There is also a series for older kids called how artists see. Our library only has one of the books, but I am hoping to get it and see if it is something Juliet is ready for. Does anyone know anything about this series? Thoughts? 

Where do you keep your art supplies? What do your kids enjoy creating with? 

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