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June 6, 2012

Juliet has been playing with her A Three-Dimensional Victorian Doll House a lot lately (she found it at goodwill and bought it with her own dollar last year.) It's an amazing book, but since it was used, it only came with two dolls. One has since lost her head (literally) and the other is just lost. 

She still plays with it, but I thought she could use a complete set of paper dolls, so we picked up this one today. 

They had four different sets at the store and she picked Sasha and Jasmine--the Naturalist and Explorer. 

Mostly, I like their names. There were also finn and maevephoebe and iris, and elodie and naomi

I like paper dolls for kids because there are so many storytelling possibilities with them. Do you have a favorite paper doll set? 

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