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June 12, 2012

After Amy shared some of her favorite Ahlberg books a few weeks ago, I had to see what our library had to offer.

I only found 2 of the ones she recommended: Treasure Hunt and Snail House. We loved them both.

The Pencil is about a pencil that brings a whole story to life. It's imaginative and fun. I think you'll enjoy this one.

The Runaway Dinner begins with, "Now here's a story for you, full of such fun and exciting stuff you will surely love it. and the best part's all true." At the end, Juliet looked at me and said, "Well, that wasn't true." :)

I hope to run across a used copy of The Little Cat Baby in my thrifting one day. It is the funniest, most whimsical story of a couple that goes to the Baby Shop and picks out a cat baby. It ends with the cat baby climbing up a ladder to a hot air balloon to get Christmas presents from Santa (because that's how it was done in those days.) I don't think I need to say anymore. This book is so funny and really made us giggle. 

Cat Who Got Carried Away  is a chapter book with illustrations on every page! So it was perfect for us--since Juliet is not reading on her own yet, but is liking longer stories. She still loves having illustrations to look at while she listens to me read.

When I chose it for our bedtime book one evening, I said, "This is a long book, so we are only going to read a few chapters tonight. We can finish it tomorrow." But then, I got so into it, I just read it all to her in one sitting. So...yeah. I liked it.

Everybody Was a Baby Once: and Other Poems
This is such a fun collection of poems that would be perfect for a home library. 

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