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June 27, 2012

When I started reading books with Juliet 5 years ago, I never thought I'd be the one to teach her how to read. 

For me, I thought it was my job to teach her to love books, but I thought her kindergarten teacher would teach her how to read. 

That was fine with me. 

We had so much fun loving books together!

We tried to learn how to read a few times after I picked up a collection of Bob Books at a garage sale. They are great and she did learn how to read those books, but she didn't have any desire to transfer her knowledge to other books. 

Again, that was fine with me I had her kindergarten teacher standing as back-up. 

Then, last month, she came to me and asked if I could teach her how to read. She really wanted to learn this time!

How could I refuse? :) 
I did some research and found Noah Webster's Reading Handbook. It seemed simple and easy enough for us to work on a little bit each day. That's our style. 

It arrived a few weeks ago and we have been loving it. 

We do one page every few days and she is learning a lot. We also make flash cards on index cards of the words she is learning--so she is practicing writing and spelling at the same time as reading. 

I put the index cards, a pencil, and her reading book into a shoe box. She carries that thing around like it is her greatest treasure. 

I love how she is taking ownership of her learning and is so motivated to become a reader. 

It's exciting to see her enter this new stage! I'm proud of her and happy for her. 

To those of you who already have readers, how did your children learn to read? Any advice or resources to recommend? 

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Whitney @ Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

Ok, Robyn and I were discussing how lucky you are that J will just sit and take instruction from you. My oldest seems to think I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to things like this!

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