flower petal butterflies

June 19, 2012

We saw these flower petal butterflies on Scrumdilly Doo and had to try them out. Our flower garden is in full bloom at this point, so we had a lot of petals to work with. We also had a store-bought bouquet in our kitchen, so we pilfered a few from there as well. 

We used beach buckets to go about and gather our supplies, then sat down in the backyard and went to work with glue and paper. 

Even Lucia (20 months) had fun gluing petals down--her creation is the bottom left photo!
This project reminded me of a great book we checked out this week Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow by Joyce Sidman. 

It's part poetry riddles and part scientific information--what a fun combination!

We had fun guessing what the riddle was about and then learning more about each animal or plant. A really, really great book--perfect for a fun homeschool unit, too. The illustrations are so beautiful, you could do a million things with this book. 

This project also reminded me of flower fairies--we got several great fairy books from the library this week also--I'll share them with you tomorrow!

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Whitney @ Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

Georgous! I was just going to ask to see the finished product. Can't wait for the fairy books, with those and the princess books we'll have a great library list.

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