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May 17, 2012

inspired by gail gibbons art
Long ago, I professed by love for Gail Gibbons' books when I made this hanging lovebird valentines craft to hang from our kitchen chandelier. I think Juliet was 2 when I made it and now that she is 5--we still have it and hang it up every February. 
I had just discovered the wonder of Gail Gibbons' illustrations and had to recreate one of her designs from Valentine's Dayfor myself. (Bookspiration can strike at anytime, right?) 

After loving the Valentines day book so much, I sought out other holiday books she had written. They are all lovely, but at the time, Juliet was not quite ready for non-fiction reads. They was a little too much text for her and no story line made it hard for her to concentrate and enjoy. 

I stopped checking them out and put them on my list for "when she is older." I knew one day she would love them. 
What I did not know, however, is that Gail Gibbons writes so much more than holiday books! She has a whole arsenal of non fiction books from everything to shipwrecks, to frogs, vegetables, to how to build a house! Seriously, if you are looking for a certain subject, she probably wrote a book about it. 
I was clued into her other works by one of you when I asked for non-fiction recommendations. (Thank you for your comments! They are so helpful to me!) 

I typed in her last name into our library's search catalog and up came several pages of titles. I can only request 10 at a time, so I got 5 of hers and 5 others this week. 

I wanted to share them with you because we loved them so much! At 5 years old, Juliet is now ready to enjoy and learn from these beautifully illustrated non-fiction works. 

The Berry Book is probably our favorite of the ones we checked out this week (mostly because the girls and myself are quite fond of berries of all types, but especially strawberries.) Who knew there was so much to learn about berries? It also was a great tie in with a favorite activity of ours: making blueberry paint. (Great backyard fun for a spring day and toddler friendly as well. Find the recipe here.)

Sunken Treasure was SO interesting! At the end of the book, Juliet looked at me and said, "Is this a TRUE story?" And it was so fun to tell her, "YES!' Real treasure, real sunken ships, real treasure hunters--what more can you ask for?

We also enjoyed Emergency and How a House is Built. I can't remember which ones I requested for next week, but it's safe to say I will be trying to get a few every week until we read all our library has to offer from her.

Do you have a favorite Gail Gibbons book? What should we check out next? 

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