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May 21, 2012

After our recent beach trip, the girls had gathered several bucketfuls of shells. And while it is always fun to collect shells, sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to do with them once we return home. 

In the past, we have just put them in our sandbox and garden and played with them there. But since they are outside, they do get lost and dirty and worn down. 

Since Juliet is older now and she found some particularly pretty shells this trip, I thought we could display a few in her room. 

I found this old art piece at goodwill and thought it would be a good size and surface to use. To prep it, I painted the sides an antique copper (spray paint). 

Then I mod podged a piece of scrapbook paper on the front. I tried getting all the air bubbles out, but somehow there were still a few after it dried. (Any tips on how to get it really smooth? I've heard a brayer works well, so I might be getting one for our next project.) 

Once it dried, I let Juliet pick out as many shells as would fit on the front in three rows. She had fun looking through her collection picking her favorites. 

Then she arranged them in the order she wanted them to be on the board. 

I used a hot glue gun to affix the shells onto the board for her. 

We are working on a gallery display (collection of frames) in her room, so as soon as I get that figured out, the shells will go on the wall!
We have several vintage shell guide books that we like to look at, but this is one that we checked out from the library before our trip.

Shells! Shells! Shells! is a really great book full of all the shell information your curious preschool or early elementary aged child will want to know.

Any favorite shell books, crafts, or activities you want to share with us? I'd love to hear. :)

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