May 8, 2012

With Mother's Day coming up, I have been searching through my books for images of mothers. I've been looking for ones that I can particularly relate to or that inspire me.

If you read my blog regularly, you probably have this image of me in your mind--that of Lola's mom
who takes her little girl to the library every Tuesday and reads her stories before she tucks her in at night.

And while that image is true (we do go to the library a lot and we read a heck of a lot of books together), it is only part of the picture.
Something I don't write about a lot, but is equally as true as the book-reading mama image is this one:

The one where no matter what I do or how hard I work, there is always someone (or two someones!) working just as hard to undo all that I have just spent minutes or hours doing. (Cleaning the house, folding clothes, picking up toys, etc.)

Just like Sal's mom, I sometimes send off my kids to pick blueberries on their own. So far, they have not run into any bears, but it's still early in the game. :)
While reading books with your kids does have a lot of positive benefits, it turns out they don't eliminate messes, temper tantrums, fighting, screaming, or any of the other usual childhood delights.

Being a mom is hard.

And completely and utterly exhausting.
But despite all that, motherhood is the best and most rewarding job I've ever had. And getting their little hugs makes all the hard moments worthwhile. 

What storybook moms do you most relate to? 

(two images above from We Were Tired of Living in a House.)

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