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May 9, 2012

It is my dream to look like Johnny's mom. Of all the storybook moms in our collection, I feel like she gets it just right. She's stylish and except for the shoes, she looks comfortable!

Hair pulled back nicely, pretty earrings in--everything is just right.

I'd truly love to look like her everyday.
But I don't. I look more like the lady next door from one of our favorite books called The Cat's Pajamas.

Or at least I FEEL like her. I really and truly feel like her on most days despite having 7 less children than she does. :)

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

My momiform consists of jeans, a soft cotton tee, and navy slingback crocs. If I'm feeling especially fancy, I'll wear a pair of small earrings like these. And when we go out? I always carry one of my plum pin cushion bags.

Style-wise, are there any storybook moms that you would like to look like or do actually look like? 

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