how to repair damaged children's books

May 25, 2012

Recently, Wendy asked me how I repair damaged children's books. I didn't have anything revolutionary to share with her, so I thought I'd write a post about it and get your input.

Around here, we just use tape. However, after doing a google search on the topic, I found several sites saying things like, "NEVER use tape to repair a damaged book!"

So, maybe I shouldn't recommend that, but it's what we do around here.

My girls are pretty gentle on books--so there isn't much damage to speak of or deal with. Mostly, our lift the flap books are the ones who sustain the most damage due to their interactive nature.

But I do frequently buy lightly damaged books from thrift stores. Mostly, I just clean them up with a bit of my secret book cleaning potion, erase pencil marks, and tape minor damage.

That usually gets them good to go for our purposes.

In general, I find hardback books to be more long-lasting than paperbacks, so if I can find them, I try to buy those instead of paperbacks. However, thrifters cannot always be choosers, so I do have quite a large collection of paperbacks. 
If I could find the rest of the phone's receiver, I'd totally tape it together.

How do you repair damaged books in your house? Tape? Contact paper on the covers? Any thing else we should try?

(Image from one of our well-loved favorites The Telephone Book (Touch-and-Feel) by Dorothy Kunhardt of Pat the Bunny fame. )

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