guest post: author spotlight: alan ahlburg Part II

May 29, 2012

Today, Amy is sharing a few more of her favorite Alan Ahlburg books from her personal collection. You can read Part I here

Ahlberg also partnered with illustrator Gillian Tyler for Snail House and Treasure HuntSnail House is about three siblings imaginative adventures living in a snail shell, a great read for older children.

And Treasure Hunt is all about a little girl who seeks and finds all day, perfect for preschoolers to hunt through. Although the style of the pictures is slightly different than Ahlberg's collaborations with his wife they still feel very much like his books in both the whimsy and detail. 

Another book that pulls at my heart strings is Ahlberg's rendition of the nursery rhyme Mockingbird. His version starts off much the same, but continues on to show the love a family shares for their little baby on her very first birthday. Illustrator Paul Howard did extensive research into the styles, architecture, and even toys of the time period the book takes place in (the early 1900s I think?), which adds even more to the feeling of nostalgia.

Ahlberg also paired with Raymond Briggs (who illustrated The Snowman) for A Bit More Bert. I think there are actually several Bert books by the two. This one is a bit different than the others I've shared, mainly because it seems to showcase more of a British humor that doesn't seem to always translate for me as an American reader. But it's cute and fun all the same (Bert has a dog named Bert) and I found it at a really great price.

Last but not least, I'll share another book Ahlberg collaborated on with his wife--It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. A tale of an eight-year-old boy who finds himself kidnapped in a cave with bandits who demand that he entertain them with the story.

It soon becomes a battle between the chief and the boy for who can tell the best tale and the twist on how he escapes at the end. This one is quite a longer book that I haven't read often, but is perfect for my own eight-year-old boy (pirates, and bandits, and treasure, what boy wouldn't love it?).

So, there you have my favorite children's book author, Allan Ahlberg, in a nutshell. He has far more books that I haven't even set eyes on yet, but hopefully these ones are inspiration enough to go out and seek a copy of your own. I've found most of our books serendipitously at library sales, thrift stores, and garage sales, and I always give an inner leap of joy when I do!

I'd love to hear what your favorite children's books authors are, and stop on by and shout hello over at Maker Mama sometime. Thanks again for having me, Vanessa! 

Thank you, Amy! I've loved learning more about your favorite books and will definitely be searching for Allan Ahlberg this week at the library!

Readers, which are your favorites? Any others I should look for? 


Tanya said...

My favorite Janet and Allan Aglberg is Burglar Bill. It's about a burglar who learns the error of his ways. I am British and used to hear it read at school. When I had my own kids I knew I had to have it for them so I got it uses on amazon or eBay. Again, it might be overly British for an American audience, although my husband is American and he saw the humor in it.

silly eagle books said...

Thanks, Tanya! That is good to hear. I will try to find it at our library. :)

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