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May 28, 2012

One of my favorite things is discovering new authors and illustrators. This week, Amy, of Maker Mama will be sharing a series of posts about one of her favorite (and new to me!) children's book authors: Alan Ahlburg. She has quite an extensive collection, so I thought I'd let her share a little bit each day. I hope you enjoy this peek into another book-lover's home collection!

Hi, I'm Amy, a crafty mama of four blogging over at Maker Mama. I've been a long-time fan of Silly Eagle Books and I'm thrilled to be sharing my favorite children's book author with all of you today--thanks so much for having me, Vanessa!

Allan Ahlberg is a British author and illustrator who I was introduced to way back when I was little a girl. But it was only until recently that I began hunting down his books for our own family collection after coming across that first childhood favorite at the library.

Cinderella on the stairs, I spy the three bears...

Each Peach Pear Plum is a book I could recite to you by heart. Ahlberg teamed up with his wife Janet in illustrating the book, both an eye-spy and lyrical poem, and it is impressively simple and intricate at the same time.

Featuring familiar fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters, each page takes you through a little hunt to see what everyone's up to with a surprise at the end. This is one of those books with charming secrets to discover throughout the illustrations.

My three-year-old daughter Eleanor absolutely adores The Jolly Postman also illustrated by Janet. 

The reader follows the postman on his deliveries to familiar characters such as Goldilocks and the three bears (that's her birthday card above), with actual letters and cards that you can pull out and open--the best part, of course! I was worried that it would get torn to pieces, but Eleanor takes such care in putting each letter back that it's still holding up wonderfully.

The Baby's Catalogueis a fun picture book that follows the lives of different babies and their parents, illustrating everything from the different breakfasts they eat to all the little endearing mishaps babies find themselves in. It's a sweet, whimsical look into family life that both you and your kids will enjoy looking through.

Similar to The Baby's Catalogue is Starting School, which follows eight children through their first day of school all the way to Christmas break. It's almost like watching your own child's classmates growing through the year. With my second son getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall, this is a perfect book for talking about all the new things he'll experience.

Hi. Vanessa again. After reading this, I am thinking, "Where has The Jolly Postman been all my life?!!! It looks fantastic and so much fun for me my kids! They love any sort of interactive pieces to books and especially letters. I can see hours of fun with this one--definitely putting it on my wishlist/bookhunting list. The Baby's Catalogue looks like a good one for my baby-obsessed 20 month old, and Starting School looks perfect for my upcoming kindergardener. Let's hope my library has these...

As you can tell, Amy is a fellow book-lover. She is also an avid thrifter and crafty soul who is constantly sharing beautiful glimpses of her life with her kids on her blog Maker Mama. She has an etsy shop filled with delightful handmade goodies and currently she is selling some of her treasured vintage book collection

Stay tuned for Part II of this post and more about her favorite books tomorrow!

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