the cloud collector's handbook

May 1, 2012

I bought The Cloud Collector's Handbook for Juliet and intended to put it in her Easter basket, but took it out at the last minute. I wasn't sure if I was jumping the gun on it--was she ready for a book like this? 

She can't read yet, and writing is something she is just now getting the hand of, so a journal like this one might not be right for her. 

I kept it for a few weeks and then broke and gave it to her. :)

I read the intro to her and she got really excited. 

We looked through all the photos and she was completely on board with starting her own cloud collection. 

The book is really fun--the intro shares the idea that you don't have to own something to collect it--you just have to notice it and record it. 

So that is how we are cloud collecting. 

We are trying to observe and notice them and then as we see specific ones mentioned in the book, we can record where and when and possibly snap a photo of it. Each cloud is worth a set number of points and evidently, there are other cloud collectors out there with which to compare scores. 

After I looked through the book with her, she sat down and looked through it again, page by page, on her own, so I think that even though she is young, this is something we can do together and have fun with. 

Are any of you cloud-collectors? Have any favorite cloud books to share? 

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