Chipmunk tightrope

May 30, 2012

Yesterday, we set up a "chipmunk tightrope" after reading about it in Fun With Nature: Take Along Guide. We have quite a few chipmunks in our backyard and usually we are trying to get them to stay away from the garden, but for once, we were inviting them in for a snack. (An approved snack--not my tomatoes!)

We watched and waited all morning and nothing was happening. Then around 2pm, Juliet noticed a squirrel paying some attention to the peanuts hanging from the line. 

We sat down in front of the back window and watched him as he trying his best to get all of them--it was pretty entertaining and Juliet begged me to tie more peanuts on so we could see it again. 

We found this book at the library after one of you recommended it! We like it so much that I ordered a copy for us to own--since this one will have to go back to the library next week. It's full of information about animals and plants and has a ton of fun activities that kids can do to further learn about nature. 
I also ordered More Fun with Nature  because it seems that you can never have TOO much fun, right? 

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