shark party: first birthday

April 23, 2012

Several weeks ago, I asked for help with my nephew's upcoming shark party (he turned one in early April.) I got so many wonderful shark book suggestions, that I compiled them into a list here

I wanted to share a few of the party details--first and foremost are these adorable handmade sharks made by Robyn of Pen Pals and Picture Books. Aren't they wonderful? (The bunnies (also made by Robyn) wanted to be in the picture, too.) 

I say this again and again, but the best thing about blogging is making so many wonderful new friends--like Robyn. She whipped these up and sent them to us for the party just because she is awesome. Thank you again, Robyn! The kids loved them! They had fun "being sharks" by running around the house with these. 
I looked everywhere for these shark gummies, but had no luck in finding them. My sister-in-law found some and saved the day. We made blue jello in clear plastic cups and dropped the sharks in them--fun in theory, but since the sharks are blue, you couldn't really see them in the jello--but it kind of ups the scary factor which is half the fun of sharks anyhow--you don't know there's a shark lurking in the jello until its too late!
And lastly, the shark cupcakes! Ben found these Shark Cupcake Picks  for us, so it saved me from cutting out shark fins from paper (my original plan.) 

I ended up ordering the hooded shark towel from Rub a Dub Buddies and yes, it was the cutest thing ever. Especially with him in it. :) 

Any party plans in your future? What themes are your kids into? 

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