The Plum Pin Cushion Giveaway!!

April 2, 2012

******************This giveaway is now closed. ********************

My friend Valerie of The Plum Pin Cushion made a special bag just for Silly Eagle Books readers. Isn't is beautiful? It's one of her newly designed Lively bags. I love these colors!

Truly, that would be a prize enough, but she didn't stop there. She also made a matching clutch to go along with the bag.
So, yes. You could win not one but TWO bags.
As a serious Plum Pin Cushion collector, I am very sad that I cannot win this giveaway myself. But I am so excited that one of you will! I know you will love them so much.

I asked Valerie a few questions so you could get to know her and her business story a little better.

How and when did you start The Plum Pin Cushion? 
It started on a bit of a whim. When my daughter was born, I quit my career in non-profit PR to in order to stay home with her. Though I loved what I was doing, there were a number of factors that made it impossible to continue in that direction. When she was about 9 months old, I found myself craving a creative outlet and rediscovered a love for making things, particularly handbags.

What is the story behind the name? 
When I was a child, the first purse I really remember loving and taking everywhere with me was a little plum purple pouch purse. I carried a variety of my favorite things in that purse! It just made sense for that to be the inspiration to the name, and since I didn't want to be limited to just making handbags, though that is what I love making most, it became The Plum Pin Cushion, so I would have a bit more freedom to branch out from bags if the mood strikes.

Where do you find inspiration for your bags? 
I tend to make things that I would want to carry myself, or things I could see my friends carrying. As a stay at home mom, my outfits most days are pretty basic. Carrying a whimsical, one of a kind bag is a way for me to add something unique and fun to an outfit. Being pregnant at the moment, my color choices lately are reflective of my food cravings, summer fruits! I rarely make more than two of each bag, because the enjoyable part for me is continually working with new prints and color combinations that suit my mood at the time.

As a stay-at-home mom to a young child with one on the way, how do you find time to sew your bags and run your business? 
I'm very blessed to have an extremely supportive husband! He does most of the post office runs on my behalf and offers lots of encouragement. I do the majority of my sewing in the evenings and on the weekends, usually in the early morning hours before everyone else is up. Now that Lily is a little older, she often "helps" by sorting prints, or handing me tools while I work. Sewing is a craft I would love to pass on to her.

What is the best part about having an etsy shop? 
It allows the freedom to work as much, or as little as life at the moment allows. For me, having a creative outlet is both fun and therapeutic.

What is the worst? 
I have workaholic tendencies and tend to move ahead full force with new project and endeavors. Sometimes I have to refocus and remind myself that it was intended to be a fun outlet, not a pressure.

Your fabric choices are always so beautiful. How do you choose the fabrics you use? 
I love hunting for new fabrics! Almost better than sewing is taking an afternoon to look for new combinations. I'm getting braver with what I'll pair, and reach for things that I know I'll have fun playing with. I attempt to have a variety of colors and print styles on hand to appeal to the tastes of the different women who visit the shop.

What are some of your daughter's favorite books? 
Anything with rhyme. Lately, we've been discovering classic golden books. Her current favorite is The Little Red Caboose and she loves Classic Winnie the Pooh. She also loves anything with detailed illustrations or picture flaps. A lot of times, she has more fun pointing out all the different things in the pictures than actually hearing the text.

Do you have a favorite book you like reading with your daughter?
I love reading On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman to her at bedtime, mostly because she lights up over that one. It's sweet and whimsical, and the illustrations are beautiful.

What advice would you give to someone with dreams of starting her own etsy shop? 
Choose something you love to do personally, even if it's something obscure. If you love it you will stick with it and enjoy the process of building into the success of it. Utilize social networking (the best free marketing available) as much as possible!

What are some of your favorite etsy shops? 
Oh gosh, the list is so long. I do the majority of my shopping on Etsy these days, especially for gifts. Janny's Girl, Polished Two, lil' Peeper Keepers, Crocheted Goods, Mommy's Little Treasures, are just a few that I love just browsing and have had great shopping experiences with in the last few years.

To be entered to win the bags, visit The Plum Pin Cushion and leave a comment telling me which bag is your favorite. 

For a second entry, like The Plum Pin Cushion on facebook and leave a comment saying you did. (If you already do like her page, just leave a comment telling me you already do!) If you like what you see, her fb page is the best way to be alerted to special sales, discounts, and more giveaways!

For a third entry, share this on your facebook page, twitter, or blog and leave another comment (and link) telling me you did. 

I'll choose a winner on Friday, April 6th! ******this giveaway is now closed.. **************


Lisa H said...

I love the Summer Sorbet Lively!! :)

Lisa H said...

I'm already a fan of her FB page! :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite is summer sorbet berry rose. This is cousin the way. Love reading your blog entries

Anonymous said...

This its bekah again. I also liked her Facebook page. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked ur fb page ;o)

Bets said...

I love the jade poppy!

Bets said...

I am definitely a Facebook fan. :-)

Sara R. said...

I love dusty dahlia's!

Sara R. said...

Already a facebook fan :)

Melissa Troskie said...

I'm now a fb fan and would love to purchase one of her bags soon. I love the summer sorbet lively!

Lisa Roch said...

I became a fan of both silly eagle and plum pin cushion just the other day!

Amy said...

I like her life is golden bag--and I love that you're featuring such a fun Etsy seller!

Dannielle said...

Already a fan on Facebook. I like to dream about having many of these bags one day!

Dannielle said...

I really like Life is Golden!

Anonymous said...

Love my Rainbow Brite set! - Julie T.

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