book-inspired easter eggs

April 6, 2012

Every year, I almost buy an egg dying kit, and then I chicken out and put it back on the shelf.

For some reason, I am terrified of easter egg dye. I feel it will end up all over the place and it isn't something I am willing to deal with.

So, instead, we always paint wooden eggs.

With acrylic paint.

Which, yes, is equally as disastrous if it gets on clothes or furniture or everything in our house, but yet, somehow, I do not fear it.

So, these are our eggs for the year---wooden ones. Each girl got 3 and I got one. They loved designing their eggs--Lucia went with a pink palette (this was forced as I only gave her access to pinks and oranges--to avoid a muddle of brown that occurs when kids mix all the colors together.)

And Juliet (who received a access to all the colors) had fun sort of marbling hers in a rainbow of colors.

I was trying to paint circles and only made it halfway around my egg before someone tiny ran off and began pawing everything in sight with her painted hands (we won't name names here...)

Juliet and I also spent a few afternoons decorating paper eggs (just flat ones) with glitter. (I know, I know, I'm afraid of egg dye, but not glitter? Madness.)

These were inspired by a picture book we had just read.

Boris and the Wrong Shadow by Leigh Hodgkinson

I forgot to take a picture, but in it, there is a disco ball hanging from a ceiling. We thought the pattern would make a great easter egg.
We tried several different techniques...
Juliet is fond of the "rainbow" glitter--the mixture of all the colors after you shake off your page into a collecting bowl. 
We even used our Melissa &Doug Picture Frame Pad to make it even fancier.

We use picture books as art inspiration a lot around here. Just opening a book up and using the same colors or recreating a design or even trying to imitate a particular illustrator's style is a fun way to spend an afternoon at the art table.

What books inspire you? Which would you use as egg design-spiration? 

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