The beach before breakfast

April 26, 2012

This is one of my favorite beach books. We read it every year before we go to the beach in the spring. 
I collect books illustrated by Leonard Weisgard, but I love the story as well even though I can't say I have ever seen the beach before breakfast--I'm more of a "beach after breakfast" kind of girl. 

We found a lot of tiny sand crabs this year--not the kind you eat, but still, it was exciting for us. I have a lot of favorite beach/ocean books that I've mentioned before in my top ten beach books list, but I am always looking for more! Have any to share with me today? 

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kathi @ purple cows & root beer floats said...

We're leaving for the beach in 16 days! (but whose counting?!). My middle are determined to be beach-before-breakfasters!

We love Zolotow's seashore book and little golden's (old) A Day at the Beach.

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