thumbprint egg basket
We made these thumbprint easter egg baskets last year as fun cards to send to faraway friends. I’m thinking we should get out the inkpad and try it again this year.

Using an ink pad gives us the freedom to explore with the imprints to be created n the egg. We can print letters, stories, pictures, family members and even success mantras. Innovation keeps the interest in the activity alive and when we involve our family members in it, the occasion really becomes a bigger celebration. The idea of printed Easter eggs does add to the enthusiasm of the festival, but then we are thinking about going out of the bound with the central theme intact.

We are anyways, doing some printing on the eggs, which can be made huge also. Why stick on to the regular stars, moon, and drawings? We can create the imprint of some unconventional topic. We were in search of such themes and some of us are particularly concerned about social welfare. We are, of course, celebrating this Easter with all the pomp and splendor that we can. However, there is still a section of the society for whom celebration may mean to have at least one meal of the day.

That is how we connected the idea of social welfare into the Easter celebration theme. And now, giving away some money on a single will not really help these underprivileged sections. We need to think of something bigger, more sustainable and easily grasped by the probably uneducated individuals. Why not we give them an idea to help survive their families better through a more returning income source?? Being undernourished, away from medical attention and lack of proper resting place, these people might be low on their health status too. This easter is also the best time to start a new beginning.

Finally, we arrived at the perfect idea of sharing a method of earning and bringing quick money without any bone-breaking hard work or mammoth investments. The decision was to print trading techniques and options on the eggs and share them with the needy families. The recipients need not be professionally qualified and with the automatic platforms like Bitcoin Code automated trading system, they can fight for their better survival at the most auspicious time. What more do we need to make our eater eggs special this time?

What egg crafts and activities are you up to this season?