st. patrick's day kids shirt DIY

March 11, 2012

st. patrick's day lucky shirt
Last year, I came up with this idea, but was so tired from taking care of a 4 month old that I didn't have the strength to pull it off. (Sleepless nights really wear me down!)

I made all the letters and had them ready to sew onto Lucia's onesie, but it never happened. So, I vowed to do it this year.

And while it is probably a simple project for an experienced sewer, I am not experienced, so it took me kind of a long time. I'll share how I did it and you can decide if it is worth it! :)
st. patrick's day kids shirt
1. Make your letters out of ribbon. I used 4 different kinds of green and one rainbow ribbon. To create the letters, just fold them into the right shape and secure with hot glue.  (This is the fast part. This is also the part where your toddler will decide it's a good time to sample cat food--the wet kind. Not the dry kind.)

2. Next, pin them to your shirt.

3. Sew them on. I do own a sewing machine, however, I wasn't sure I could control the stitches well enough to make it look good. (Also, it takes me about 45 minutes to remember how to thread the bobbin, so I just went old school on it and sewed it on by hand.)

4. Use some  Fray Check on the ribbon ends to keep them from unravelling.

Honestly, it took me about 2 hours to sew on all the letters. Two nights of TV watching. But maybe you are faster than I am.

Ben tells me they are cute, but probably not worth the 10 hours I spent on them (It was more like 5, but still...)
st. patrick's day toddler shirt
Getting a 17 month old to pose for a picture is next to impossible. I was hoping to get one of both girls together--this is a close as we got....

I've never washed them (keeping them safe until Saturday!), but at least they will look cute for one day. I'll probably wash them inside out and hope for the best. If we get any more days out of them, it will be bonus. :)

They will also be sporting their shamrock hairbows that DID survive from last year--hooray!

Do your kids like to wear green on St. Patrick's day?

Tomorrow, I have a few favorite St. Patrick Day books to share with you!

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