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March 19, 2012

I received a box of review books from Tiger Tales a few weeks ago and I wanted to share some of our favorites.

Scary Mary by Paula Bowles is the story of a fierce chicken who enjoys chasing and bullying the other barnyard animals. Eventually, she finds herself all alone and asks if she can play with the others. They welcome her with open arms.

The Bump by Mij Kelly is one of my new favorites. It starts like this:

This is a story about someone you know and something that happened a few years ago, before she was famous for loving you and for hip-hip-hooraying the things that you do and mopping your spills and kissing you better....It's about your mommy before you met her. 

Such a fun book to read with a 4 or 5 year old who is curious about the story of your pregnancy with him or her and the story of his or her birth. We had a lot of fun reading this together. It would be great for a Mother's Day booklist.

My Friend Fred by Hiawyn Oram is a sweet story about a girl and her dog--which also happens to be the family dog. She has a hard time sharing him, but learns that sharing is always better than keeping things to yourself.

Mole's Babies by David Bedford made us smile. Mole is getting ready to be a daddy and trying to find out what babies need. He tries out a few things he sees other animal daddies doing, but then learns that the only thing his babies need from him is his love.

What books are you loving this week?

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