whale valentines day craft

February 3, 2012

heart whale craft
You've seen the book My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall. It has inspired many a valentines day project. A few years ago, we made a heart fish for our cat. (Yes, count us in the group of crazies who make valentines for their pets.)

Christianne made adorable animal valentines for her daughter's class based on the book and just recently,  Whitney shared her kids' heart project (you have to see the mosquito).
craft hearts
We needed something easy and fun to do, so I cut out some hearts in various sizes one afternoon--just old school style by folding the paper in half and cutting half a heart shape. I wish I had a heart paper punch, but I don't.
heart whale craft
We got out the mod podge and made some heart animals. These are whales--the big heart cut in half. I wish I had a picture of the giraffe Juliet made, but we sent it to her sponsored kid and I forgot to take a picture. It was crazy cute, though.
mod podge hearts
Lucia (15 months) even got in on the action. (Because it's never to early to start them on mod podge.) She had a lot of fun pounding the foam brush onto the paper.

I will say--she got the stuff all over her, so make sure your kids aren't wearing their sunday best. And don't be afraid to use an old cup lid as a glue holder.
holiday crafts for kids vintage highlights book
The unpictured giraffe was 100% Juliet's idea, but the whales we saw in this vintage craft book. This is where people got their ideas before there were blogs. How very quaint. :)

What heart-y things are you up to this week? 

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