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February 27, 2012

I'm getting excited for spring to arrive. We've already got our daffodils blooming, and the pink buds of our jane magnolia are breaking open. I'll have to get a shot of that for you soon--it's my favorite plant in the front garden. I wait for it all year. 

Also, today after arriving home from the grocery store, we found a big box of review books from our friends at Tiger Tales! Thank you! 

We eagerly tore into the box and have already read half of them. (We forced ourselves to save the rest for bedtime reading--reviews to come soon!) 
We checked out a beautiful book from the library last week called The Bedspread by Sylvia Fair. 
It's the story of two elderly sisters who decide to decorate their bedspread by stitching their childhood home onto the cover. 

Maud is the very precise and neat one on the left while you can see Amelia is the more creative and free-spirited sister. 
Both do a beautiful job of recreating their childhood home onto the spread in their own unique styles. 

After they finish, the sister turn the bedspread so that the other can see their work. 

"I--I'm afraid my stiching isn't quite as tidy as yours," stammered Amelia guiltily. "I'd forgotten my stiches." 
"But Your house is happy," said Maud rather sadly. "I had forgotten the happiness." 

The illustrations are lovely and I enjoyed how this book celebrates creativity and all its many forms. Its inspiring to see how every person has his or her own individual talents and gifts. 

The sisters decide they enjoy working on their bedspread so much that they continue until they die at the age of 103. Then, their work of art is hung in a museum for all to see. 

While not about spring specifically, the sisters embroider their childhood gardens onto their bedspread which reminded me of our own garden and the joy we get out of it. 

I hope that when my girls are old and grey they remember our happy spring garden blooming with daffodils, tulips, and pink magnolia blossoms. 

What spring flowers are you looking forward to or enjoying already? 

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