Ikea bookshelves save the day

February 16, 2012

We spent a few hours in Ikea yesterday--searching for the perfect bookshelves for our hall library project. I've been wanting to put some shelves in our upstairs hallway to help deal with the overcrowding of Juliet and Lucia's bookshelves in their rooms. (Yes, we have a bit of a book problem.) 

That's Ben the builder (above) toting little miss Lucia around. We were initially drawn to the ones with doors, but then envisioned them cracking and breaking in about 2 minutes after we had set them up in our home....
For another brief minute, we dreamed of having this ladder, but then envisioned our children climbing to the top and jumping off....so that dream will have to wait a few more years as well.
We settled on the Billy Bookcase in white. But I had to admire the new yellow and green options. They don't really go with our house, but I do like them. 
Our bag carrier. 
Here are the ones we ended up with. Ben also picked up a pair of the "B" bookends. There were not "V", "J" or "L" ones, which was kind of sad, but we'll figure something out. Might be a good project to work on after the shelves are set up. 

Ben worked hard on putting them together yesterday afternoon and they are all set and ready for books. We've put a few in, but we need to sit down this afternoon and really organize and arrange.

We have been looking at bookshelf options for awhile and if you are looking for something really useful and reasonably priced, Ikea is totally the way to go. There are other lines of bookcases, but I really love all the options the Billy lines offers. 

We we were expecting Juliet, I bought a small Expedit for her room. I thought it would be plenty of room for all her books. 

That thing filled up in about a year. 

Now we have the Expedit in her room, and the two billy's in the hallway. We've dubbed it our "hall library" and I hope it will not fill up too quickly! They are not just for kids books--Ben and I are taking the top halves of the shelves for ourselves and the bottom halves are for the kids. 

I'll post some pictures when we get it looking half-way decent. :) 

How do you organize your family's book collection? Where do your books live? 

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