how to wrap a book like a pro (or not)

February 9, 2012

simple gift wrap for kids

Confession 1: I am a horrible gift-wrapper. 

Confession 2: I am okay with it.

I always look forward to the holiday season when bloggers like to bust out their fanciest ways of wrapping packages and gifts like a pro.  You've seen them. Their gift-wraps are works of art.

Maybe you even possess the gift-wrapping talent gene.

I don't.

But I love looking at it. I even have a pinboard where I collect beautiful gift wrapping ideas--in the hopes that maybe I will be inspired to pretty up my packages.

I even made some map-feather gift-toppers and wrapped a fake present all fancy-like for a blog post, just to see if that would push me into it.

But it didn't.

When it came down to the task of wrapping real presents, I just do what I always do.

Grab whatever is closest, slap on some tape, and use a sharpie to write the recipient's name on it.

That's all.
gift wrap
Totally pin-worthy.
A lot of times, the tape doesn't really stick. So I just sort of turn it over and smash it down and hope it stays shut...

Also, I don't bother with making the folded edges pretty. Nope.

Just fold and smash, tape, and hope for the best.

That's right. The woman who spent several hours carefully affixing tiny white office labels to the back of a cardboard box in order to create the perfect backsplash tile effect in her daughter's dollhouse cannot take two seconds to make sure gift wrap is folded down neatly.

I have no explanation.

Just thought you should know.

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