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February 29, 2012

We've been reading books with Lucia since she was a tiny baby, but I would say that only in the past several months has she really fallen in love with the idea.

At around 15 months, she started bringing us books and sitting herself down in our laps--we got her meaning loud and clear: read me a book!

And although is on board with books, I still don't actually "read" them to her--in that I don't read the words on the pages. We mostly point at pictures and name them or make their sound (LOTS of animals sounds going on in this house.) 

A few days ago, we got a box of review books from Tiger Tales and there were four board books inside. I thought I'd involve Lucia in the review process, so we grabbed them and enjoyed them together. 

Uh-Oh! Oh No! (Into Everything Baby Stages) was her favorite. As in, when we finished, she reached over and grabbed it out of my hands so SHE could have it. Yeah.

The story follows a baby who spills his milk, which then causes something else to spill, etc. Every page says, "Uh-oh! Oh no!" Which means that she can actually read the thing to me since "Uh-oh" is one of her main words these days.  (There are also other words in the book, but the repeated phrase is present throughout.)

Do Touch! Don't Touch!  is similar and very appealing to toddlers who are learning about safety. She had fun pointing to the pages and shaking her head "no" for the "no-no's" and nodding her head for the "Yeses."

I should add that Juliet also really liked this one because she loves to tell her little sister what she is not allowed to do.

We already ownOne Rainy Day and One Snowy Day , but now we have One Sunny Day to add to our collection.

I think I say this every time, but I really love the padded board books from Tiger Tales. They are good and sturdy and hold up so well against little grabbing hands and being dropped out of the crib, etc.

The gold foil sun was the big hit in this book. Every time we turned a page I would ask, "Where's the sun?" And Lucia would point to it excitedly.

We're not quite ready for nursery rhymes, but everyone needs a good board book version for their home library. Hey, Diddle, Diddle is another one of those lovely padded board books and it contains many favorites such as Jack Sprat, Peter Piper, Three Little Kittens, etc.

It would make a great new baby gift.

What books did your kids or grandkids love in their baby and toddler years?

Disclaimer: I received these books for review purposes. The opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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