x-ray craft project for kids

January 11, 2012

DIY x ray
We had some clipboards at Juliet's doctor party. Needing something for the patient's "files," we made these DIY x-rays together the day before the party.

I found the idea in this Our Bodies & Art Activities  book.

You take some tracing paper, trace some bones (we used some of our anatomy books), and then color in the bones with white crayon.

Next, paint over the entire sheet with black paint.

As we were doing this, it seemed to completely cover the crayon. I got out a sponge and tried to removed as much paint as possible, but it didn't seem to help.

With the timeline pressing down on us, I threw all but two of our papers away. I felt like it was a craft fail and we needed to move on.

(Juliet had traced several that I wish I hadn't tossed. )

Only two seemed to be somewhat visible at that point, so I kept them just to see what would happen, but I wasn't expecting much.

In the meantime, I went to plan B which was to photocopy pictures of bones and skeletons for the patient charts. Of course, this is the moment our printer decided to run out of ink.

The next day, they looked great. I think they just needed time to dry.

So, I would recommend this project if you are patient enough to let the paint dry! :)

The tracing paper gives the finished product a nice "x-ray-ish" feel. It's crinkly and interesting.

We will definitely try it again.

I think this would be fun for a human body unit. Do you know any other bone or doctor related books that would work well with this activity?

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