Pinterest at the library

January 17, 2012

Pinterest is not just a fun time-waster for me (although, that is its primary function.) Lately, I've been using it as my personal library assistant.

Although, I sometimes avoid looking for books that other people suggest because I fear the heartbreak of learning that our library does not have the book, mostly, I give it a shot and see.

My luck seems to be about 50/50. Which is not great, but could be worse, I suppose.

While reading blogs and browsing online shops, I often come across books I want to read. Since the advent of Pinterest, I've been pinning them to my "books to read" board.

I love having a visual list of what I'm looking for.

It sure beats my old scribbled lists and is a million times better than relying on my memory.

Do you have a books to read board? What's on your to read list?

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