personalized vintage-inspired bookplates for kids

January 26, 2012

It has long been on my list of things to do: buy bookplates and install them in my kids' books! The problem is that I have waited so long and have acquired so many books that I will need quite a lot to put inside them all. 

So, no, I have not accomplished my goal yet, but I have found a shop that is nudging me closer to it. 

Oiseaux on etsy has a beautiful collection of personalized bookplates for kids. I love the delicate fairytale quality of all of them. 

 And they are not just for girls--there are so many perfectly boyish options.
This one has almost convinced me to name my son Max--should I ever have one.

Check out the rest of the bookplates! You will love them.

Which one is your favorite? (I think this mermaid one is mine.) I feel like these would be a good little valentines box treat...

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