paint chip valentines for kids

January 24, 2012

paint chip valentines
Last year, I made these paint chip valentines for Juliet's pink mailbox. You can see a picture of them when they were shiny and new here.

The picture above, however, is from this week. I wanted to show you how they held up over the year.

While definitely bent and worn--they are still surprisingly in good shape! And most of the wear and tear comes from Lucia's handling--she REALLY loves these things or she really loves opening and shutting the mailbox--either way, they see a lot of action these days.

I'm kind of over the whole paint chip thing, but I thought they were worth mentioning just because they are so easy, durable, and my kids seem to love them.

I've been storing away some books that I picked up at goodwill over the past few weeks. I plan on wrapping them and putting one in the mailboxes every day before V-Day. (Right now I only have six, so we'll have to come up with something else for the other days--have any good suggestions?)

I've got a Valentines Day Library book list coming up on Friday, but here's a sneak peek:
fox valentine book
From The Best Valentine in the World

This is my favorite find this week. Ferdinand worked so hard on his Valentine for Florette! Makes me want to make a giant purple heart for each of my girls. 

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