Doctor party garland and doctor books for preschoolers

January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! We started the year off with Juliet's 5th birthday which was doctor-themed at her request. 

I was a bit intimidated by the theme because I could not find any good inspiration on the internet, but luckily, it turned out really well. 

We went with a red, white, and PINK theme (pink is a given no matter what the theme) and used a lot of old boxes from Christmas presents to create a mini hopsital/pharmacy/waiting room area for the kids to pretend play. 

I have a ton of pictures, but haven't downloaded or organized them yet. But they will be up here soon. 

For the waiting room, I gathered up some fun doctor and human anatomy books for the kids to enjoy, so I thought I'd kick off the year by sharing those with you today. 

Doctor Rabbit by Jan Wahl This is my favorite vintage doctor book. The illustrations are amazing. 
Dr. Duck by H.M Ehrlich This is a fun one we got from the library. 
Biscuit Visits the Doctor by Alyssa Satin Capucilli Do you like Biscuit? I think he barks too much, but kids seem to love him. 
This was my favorite library find. I've never read a Froggy book, but one of my friends told me that she loved a few others in this series. Froggy is really funny and he'll make your kids giggle. This is also the only book I actually saw any kids sit down a read at the party....
Doctor Dan, the Bandage Man 
This is from my Golden Book collection--it's very vintage, so if you are into that, you'd probably like this one.

Anatomy Books
Baby's Book of the Body This one is nice a baby friendly. Lots of pictures of babies and basic body parts. 

Human Body Explorer This one is actually for elementary aged kids, but Juliet is fascinated by body systems, so she wants to see what is inside  her brain and all that kind of stuff. If your kid is not ready for internal body images, you might want to wait on this one.

Going To The Doctor
This is just a basic "going to the doctor" book. It would be good for a kid with a lot of anxiety about doctor visits.

Visual Dictionary of the Human Body
Another one that is not for preschoolers either, but if you have a curious child who asks you what the inside of a cell looks like, then this will help a mama out. All I could remember was mitochondria. This has all the rest of that stuff you learned in 7th grade Life Science.

Our Bodies &; Art Activities 
An art book for the human body? Sign me up! :) I was really excited about this one--most of the crafts were too much for a party scenario, but we did do one a few days before the party together. It's good if you homeschool and need some science-y/art activities to do with your kids.

Corduroy Goes to the Doctor
This was a baby-friendly title that I threw in for Lucia and the other under 2 guests. However, they were more interested in dumping out the jar of cotton swabs.

This isn't the first time we've gone on a hunt for human body books, I shared our favorites in this list last year: best human body books for preschoolers.

Hopefully, that gives you something to work with on your first library trip of the new year. Do you have any favorites to share with me? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Robyn said...

I read this post on Monday and thought it was wonderful that your daughter insisted on a dr party. At the time I couldn't think of any other books about said subject- then yesterday when I stopped by the local thrift store I happened on "what am I made of?" published by scholastic in 1990. I looked at it briefly then put it back... But I couldn't leave it. I kept thinking about this post and also my little ones curiosity about his own body. It turned out to be a great story- simple and informative.

I love your blog, thanks!

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