I’ve finally organized Juliet’s doctor party photos and I thought I’d share them today. When we sent out the invitations, we asked the guests to bring a doll or stuffed animal as a “patient”. Several kids brought their own doctor kits as well.
cross garland
I went with a red, white, and pink color scheme. The main decoration was the cross garland made from red construction paper, red string, and my trusty hot glue gun.
surgical masks
For costumes, we had surgical masks and name tags for everyone.
waiting room
I set up a mini-hospital in the play room, complete with waiting room, ambulance, pharmacy, and exam tables. This is the waiting room.
doctor books for kids
This is where I had the doctor books. I got this idea from my friend Amanda. She always has great book areas at her kids’ birthday parties.
doctor party decor
We had some large boxes left over from Christmas that we transformed into an ambulance. White contact paper and red duct tape are miracle workers. We had the flashing red light left over from last year’s police birthday party.

A white sheet taped to the wall with packing tape and another red duct tape cross made a fun backdrop.
pink kids scrubs
Barbie emergency. (Found the pink kid’s scrubs at Target.)
doctor supplies
The pharmacy had all the supplies the doctors and nurses needed to tend to their patients.
little nurse
The cotton swabs were a big hit.
doctor party game
The night before the party, Juliet asked me what kind of games we were going to play. After spending the entire day building an entire infirmary, I had nothing.We have a complex adult brain and our gaming ideas might be more about making money like a casino game or a trading robot and will rush through the best Bitcoin Code review. Kids are on the other hand, more creative, innocent and think in a far less complicated way. Their imagination is on a different level altogether and obviously picturing a true game for enjoyment. I asked her what kind of games she was thinking about and she said, “You know, like pin the cross on the nurses hat or something.”

To which I replied, “Go ask your dad to make that.”

And he did. Daddy and white contact paper saves the day again.

The kids had a lot of fun with this game, so I’m glad she thought of it. I guess 5 is the age when kids start wanting games at their parties. I had no idea.
doctor party favors
For party favors, Juliet passed out these first aid kids and candy canes. I was going for a red an white candy striper theme, but a few are green. I don’t think the kids noticed. 🙂

We had a lot of fun with this theme. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff, but I’m glad she has such a big imagination. I can’t believe she’s already five.

Kids grow up fast, don’t they?

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