the birthday book (golden shape book): party inspiration

January 3, 2012

Juliet turned 5 recently. A few weeks before her birthday, I found this vintage birthday book at our local goodwill. I was hoping I could convince her to let me use it as an inspiration for her party. 

Hang balloons from the ceiling, simple party hats for the kids...(if I could find red velvet dining chairs like that, I would be oh so excited!) 
And this cake--it even has the right amount of candles! I thought she would go for it since it is pink and has strawberries and roses on top....but she stuck to her guns and requested pink cupcakes instead. (She also maintained her request for a "doctor party", so I had to let this dream go.) 
I'm still on the hunt for a cake stand like this one, though. Maybe Lucia will go for this for her second birthday. 

Do you have any birthday party plans in your future? What themes are your kids requesting this year? 

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