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December 21, 2011

christmas trees for kids
Lucia is at that age where she gets into everything and she doesn't understand that things can hurt her. (She's 14 months old).

I debated getting a Christmas tree because I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with the constant safety hazard issues.

To test the waters, we put up a tiny artificial tree (one we had from Juliet's toddler years) and hung up some soft baby friendly ornaments. We added a few wooden snowflakes and then strung some of Juliet's dress up necklaces and some jingle bells on it.

Basically, we just put up a bunch of stuff that we she is allowed to touch and play with.

She, of course, handled all of it and had fun taking stuff off and putting it back on.

Eventually, the novelty wore off and she pretty much ignores it now.

We got the real tree a few days later and only hung up baby-safe ornaments. Nothing glass or with tiny parts.

She loves the tree, but hasn't touched it. Not sure if it was the pre-tree experience or not, but I'm happy that it hasn't been a stressor this month.

My pile of Christmas board books has been keeping her occupied as well. If you missed that post, here's a link to the books!

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