magnifying glass: gifts kids can make

December 7, 2011

kid's magnifying glass
Okay, so your kids don't make these as much as they customize them. But you know what I mean.
DIY decorating magnifying glass
If you are looking for a fun, affordable gift your child can make for friends or family members--this is a fun project that Juliet did for her cousins.

We bought some magnifying glasses at Walmart ($1 each--found in the office supply section). We pulled out some electrical tape and had fun wrapping the handles in different colors.

Juliet had a little trouble wrapping the tape, so she picked the colors and I wrapped it for her. It was a fun project one afternoon sitting at our kitchen table.
kids magnifying glass
Sadly, we did not have an pink tape with which to decorate, so Juliet chose the red, white, and blue one for herself.

I'm keeping my eyes open for pink, though.

For next time. :)

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