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December 13, 2011

tape reindeer wall art
I do a lot of thrift store and kid sale shopping. Which is both a good and bad thing.

It's good because I find a lot of good toys for cheap.

It's bad because I find a lot of good toys for cheap.

Lots of toys means lots of clutter. And Juliet's closet had filled up. I don't have a "before" shot, but it was completely covered in toys--stacked on top of each other and spilling out.

A mess.

So, we took on the task of clearing it out. And getting rid of a sizable amount of toys.

Perfectly good toys.

Toys she loved.

I'm not going to lie. There were tears.

But as we pulled every single toy out to the middle of her room, she looked over into her closet and exclaimed, "Mom! I didn't know my closet was so big!"

And she ran over and lay down right on closet floor and started flapping her arms like she was making a snow angel. She was giddy with excitement and talked about her plans for her "new clubhouse" and all the fun things she would now be able to do inside of it--like read books.

I got excited too, and told her that while giving away her toys might be hard, it would be worth it because in the end she would have a nice big closet to play in and do whatever she wanted with.

That helped. We sorted and reorganized and ended up with just the right amount of toys.

Which meant we only kept what would fit on the top shelf of her closet. Whatever did not fit--had to leave.

Which was a really hard rule, but we had to stick to it.

After it was cleared, we laid some blankets down in her clubhouse and a few pillows. We also kept a baby cradle and a tiny picnic basket filled with felt food (in case she starts feeling a little eleven-o'clockish).

She has been in that closet every day and begs for us to go up and play in her clubhouse every chance she gets.

We also read our pre-naptime books in there. And Ben reads her bedtime books in there. It's the best place in the house. (Even the cat thinks so.)
tape reindeer and cat
To soften the blow of losing some of her toys, I offered to let her paint the inside of the closet pink (she has been begging for an entire pink room for a while now.) But she said no thanks and just ran over to her bed and pulled a few butterfly decals off and moved them into the closet.

After our reindeer tape project, she asked if she could have one in her clubhouse. So now it is all set for Christmas. :)


It's such a wonderful thing and it is so easily lost (at least in my house.)

I love how the gift of space opened up so many possibilities for imaginative play that didn't exist before.

This project has inspired me to attack a few other spaces and declutter them before Christmas. More photos to come!

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Robyn said...

Wonderful! I love your message here- thanks

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