coffee filter snowflake wall art

December 20, 2011

snowflake wall art
Our playroom is undergoing some rearranging--in part to make room for the Christmas tree, but also because we felt like changing things up (furniture placement-wise).

We moved a bookshelf from this wall to another spot (pretty much where I am standing to take this picture) which left us with a giant blank wall.

Since I'm not wanting to hang anything until the tree is gone, we decided to hang up some temporary art.

It turned out so pretty, I might be leaving it there for good.
coffee filter snowflake art
We tried out the coffee filter snowflake technique (lots of people have blogged about this, but I saw it first on The Artful Parent here.)

It's true. Coffee filters are so much easier to cut into flakes than paper.

And then you can color them with paint brush pens.

Juliet had fun sticking them on the wall with some double sided tape. She was careful step up on the storage boxes to hang them up high--away from her little sister's reach.

Curious, Lucia toddled over to see what he big sister was up to. So, I gave her a coffee filter with tape on it just to see what she would do.
snowflake wall art
She took it straight to the wall and stuck it on.

So. Precious.

It's staying there forever.

Or however long it takes until she pulls it off. :)

We found a really great book about snowflakes at a book fair last month and have been learning lots of fun things about them. The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes by Kenneth Libbrecht (snowflake expert)

One thing we learned is that despite their beauty, our coffee filter snowflakes are not scientifically correct replicas.....

Inside the book, Libbrecht shares the way to cut a 6 sided snowflake out of paper--which is how they appear in nature.

I tried it once. And failed.

But don't worry. I'm going to try again. For the sake of science.

Do you have any favorite snowflake books or crafts to share with me?

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