thankful turkeys
We made these thumbprint turkeys together last year and sent them to our sponsored kids and grandparents.

Our objective of making and sending them was simple. To sincerely thank them and give them a sense of belongingness. However, according to the feedback we received, the impact of these turkeys was much more powerful than we imagined.

Not only did they serve the objective for which they were created, but also brought in many accolades, monetary benefits, and appreciation. We were flooded with offers, from far and near who wanted the specific turkey designs and the phrases, filled with love, warmth, and unity.

I even happened to see some grandparents proudly displaying the card, supposedly received from their grandchildren proudly on their personal shelf. When they showed me the card and spoke of their little ones, I could feel the sense of pride and affection they had for them in their eyes.

Our biggest idea that clicked was the move to bring in the respective children, as many as we could contact personally, take their favorite colors and create their little thumbprints on the card. The main part of the phrases was written by us, but we made our little customers fill up the name. This whole planning touched the heart of the elders, whereas the kids were able to actively participate in the process.

Probably, the next time, these kids will put all their effort into making their own special Thanksgiving cards to their forever-loving grannies and grandpas. We should say that the entire heap of response made us feel overwhelmed and also carried us away. We struggled to find a similar and more impressive idea for the next season of celebration.

Luckily, the next season was Halloween and we preferred to remain low-key this time. One reason was that we were not very keen in creating a scary effect through our creations and the second thing was that it became difficult for us to find activities good enough to combine both Halloween and affection.

How can we sit idle till the next season comes?? So we decided to try our luck at some quick tricks to earn money, which might help us collect funding for our next set of cards. Halloween is a time for celebration, that is sure and the market will be on a high, we assumed. So, is there any better idea than some trading for our current off-activity? We analyzed a full review of a highly rated automatic robot and successfully banked on its efficiency.

Now that Halloween is over, I’m gearing up for some turkey crafts. Do you have any favorites that you do every year?