popsicle stick turkey thanksgiving craft centerpiece

November 17, 2011

popsicle stick thanksgiving turkey kid's craft
I've been meaning to do this turkey for the past two years. I finally got around to our version this year.
painting popsicle stick turkey feathers
Sometimes it's a challenge to make crafts that Juliet can do without any help. Those feathers on the original would be too hard for her to cut out. So we used our popsicle stick stash as feathers instead.

Juliet had a few real turkey feathers as inspiration to look at as she painted. We picked these up at a petting zoo earlier this year. I was surprised at how beautiful real turkey feathers actually are--so much detail!
popsicle stick thanksgiving turkey centerpiece
While she worked on the feathers, I wrapped a styrofoam ball with some left over yarn. Then I cut out the head from scrap book paper. Sticking the feathers in was a little harder than I thought it would be (due to the yarn), but I got them in while Juliet glued on the head and eyeball.

I think he looks pretty fun on our table. He's resting in a bowl (so he doesn't roll over on his side.) I didn't read the directions on Parents.com which suggests cutting a piece off of the bottom of the ball to make him stand up. Oops.

We haven't written anything on the feathers yet--don't know if we will--we've been using our thankful leaves for that. But with sharpie or paint pen, we easily could.

One final thanksgiving favorite for you: Mousekin's Thanksgiving by Edna Miller
We just picked this up from the library today and read it together this afternoon. It's about mousekin's first run-in with a wild turkey. Just like the ones we saw at the petting zoo. Perfect.

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