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November 18, 2011

I thought I would share some of my favorite picture books with you--ones that would make good gifts for the holiday season. I also paired them with a fun toy or object that would make it an extra special gift.

1. Gorilla by Anthony Browne; add a polka dotted bowtie to this Plush Silver Back Gorilla  and you've got the toy from the book. (Except it probably won't turn into a real gorilla and take your child on a trip to the zoo...) This book is awesome--have you read it yet?

2. Hurry and the Monarch by Antoine O Flatharta; This Insect Lore Live Butterfly Pavillion allows you to send in for some live caterpillars (when the weather is warm enough) and then you can watch them grow and change into butterflies.

3. Science Fair Day by Lynn Plourde (click on the book cover for more info)
Juliet is not even in elementary school yet, but she found this book fascinating. Makes me look forward to the day when she will be working on her own science fair project. (In 5th grade, I won third place in our science fair! It's the only thing I've ever won! :) ) I think pairing this book with this Primary Science Set is the perfect gift. (Juliet's getting it--don't tell!)

4. Wild About Books by Judy Sierra
If you love books (and I know you do), you'll enjoy this one. It's about a library for animals and it is written as a tribute to Dr. Seuss. This Neat-Oh! ZipBin Mini Zoo Play Set plus a set of Jungle Animal Counters would provide hours of fun. (Since there are 60 animals in this set, your kid probably won't notice if you take a few to use for some fun craft projects like these.)

5. The Old Tree by Ruth Brown
This was the most requested book last week. The thing that was so compelling to Juliet was the giant pop-out page of the tree at the end of the book. She lived for that page. If your kid likes a good pop-out book--this will be fun. Juliet has a great wooden tree house toy that comes with animals, but they don't sell it anymore--so, I'll just share this Darice Foam Big Kit Tree House because it looks fun to build and play with.

See anything good on the list? Do you have any books or toys to share with me? 

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