If you have these ingredients, you can make….
This guy.

Doesn’t he look very cute? The choice of colors is extremely classy, yet attractive. This does not look like a namesake gift, made in hurry to get away with the task of giving a thanksgiving to anyone. Instead, the turkey portrays the effort and time it has taken to get completed. It reflects the sincerity and innocence with which it has been made.

Just see the borders of the cutout. How smooth they are! The hands are definitely talented. The placement of the sequences and glitters is in perfect harmony with the shape of the cutouts, their link to the neighboring pieces and the central portion of the turkey. The turkey sure looks happy and the simple sight of the gift will please the recipients.

The eyes might look popping but is so lively that the turkey is filled with all the positivity of a Thanksgiving gift. How come the creator of this turkey think about giving it a funny side by that protruding tongue? It shows how witty the maker is and how he has transformed it into its creation.

Yes, we can assume that the maker got some inspiration from any outside source. He might have referred any good crafts book or watched a video tutorial on how to make beautiful and happy turkeys with colorboards. If not for these, at least he must have got directions from an experienced and creative craftsperson.

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Looking at the perfection in the craft, you must be thinking that anyone among we elders created this for our little munchkin. That, however, is not true. The credit for this masterpiece goes to the tiny pair of hands which is too soft to even hold the scissors.

We made him last year, but Jill did her version this year and it turned out really cute. Have you seen it yet?