bottle cap thanksgiving turkey kid's craft hat
We had so much fun making our bottle cap spider hats last month (and we have eaten our way through a few more jars of peanut butter), so I thought we should try to make turkeys. This is Juliet’s–she picked out all the paper/color choices, I cut out the shapes, and she glued them on. I think it looks great!
bottle cap turkey kid's craft
Here are the ingredients. If you have a packet of scrapbook paper, you can get pretty creative with these guys.
turkey kid's craft
Gluing them together is the most fun part. (To turn them into a headband/hat, I just hot glue an elastic headband to the bottom the same way I did with the spider hats–check out the details here.)
bottle cap thanksgiving turkey kid's craft
Here’s my little guy. My original intention was to make it for Lucia to wear…
grabbing the turkey hat
But she took one look at it perched on Juliet’s head and could not resist grabbing and ripping the tail feathers off. We were able to re-attach them, but I’m thinking this hat is a bit too fragile for a one year old. I’ll save him for next year when she is two. Or maybe she’ll want to make her own.By next year, she might become more selective in her things and attires. Now, she can hardly distinguish between the beauty of a red hat and a pink hat, but t two years, it is quite sure that she will have her own choice of color. She might even relate it to her character and demand more details from her trusted loved ones, just like we elders do with our activity and click for info in any related links.

Right now, he’s just sitting on our table–which if you don’t want to make a hat out of it is a pretty cute alternative–I’d like to see a row of them on our table as a fun centerpiece.

I’ve already shared a list of thanksgiving books we like (I requested 10 of them from our library last month–unfortunately, that’s all they let you request at one time.) So, I tried round two (which was a bit too late–almost all the thanksgiving books were gone! All that was left was the ones no one wanted–which is fine–there could be a jewel in the rough out there.)

I got about 7 more….we only loved one. I thought I’d share it with you. Maybe it’s still on your library shelves, too.

An Outlaw Thanksgiving  by Emily Arnold McCully is the story of a little girl and her mom on a train trip out west. They end up spending Thanksgiving with Butch Cassidy and his fellow outlaws–the story is really fun. Even though Juliet had no idea who Butch Cassidy was, she still enjoyed the story immensely.I hope you can find a copy!

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