kids teepee crafts
I love crafting with geometric shapes and these teepees were really easy to set up and embellish.
book-inspired teepee craft
We found inspiration from a vintage golden book illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.
kids teepee craft
Using mod podge, we glued triangles onto some cardboard from the recycle box and embellished them with paper scraps, jewels, and pine straw.
teepee craft
Perfect quick craft to squeeze in during little sister’s nap time.

A bundle of old newspaper, a thick paint brush, glue and glitter paint, I had collected all the items required to give life to the craft idea in mind. I had placed them high enough on the table so that the troubling little sis would not be able to reach on my raw materials in case she woke up before I finish off with my craft. I knew that she was a terrible sleeper and the faint sound of tearing the newspaper in the far-off room is enough to wake her up from her sleep, no matter how deep it is.

I would have thought about a million other ideas to make this rare free time most fruitful, like going for a ride on my brand new motorcycle, or calling over my best friend and playing with our multi-elemental video game. These things, however, had a cumulative effect on the game and once I start them, it is difficult to stop suddenly if my sis suddenly pops in, the disappointment of stopping them midway will never leave my mind.

The adults should be able to relate to this easily when a sudden troubling call from home spoils their high-energy casino game or the pain caused by the slipping of the best deal in the trade market in a matter of seconds when you attended your family’s call. You will in such a rage when the reason for the call might be the breaking of crockery and you have to patiently listen to their explanation of the event that led to it. You have to show the same seriousness to it with which you read the instructions before starting your trade on a new online robot.


The undesirable break in these activities may force to limit your recreational activity to a magazine scanning or a power nap. My choice is far more creative than this. A quick craft will be easy to finish off before the little mischief appears from nowhere.