pink cupcakes
Lucia turned one last week. I still can’t believe it. Wasn’t she just born yesterday?

I like to keep first birthdays simple. Since both sets of grandparents live very far away–it was just Ben, Juliet, Lucia, and myself.
first birthday garden party
Since the weather is still so pleasant in October (in Georgia), we set up the party outside in the backyard.

Nothing fancy for decorations–just cut a few triangles from some pretty scrapbook paper to make a high-chair bunting. (It’s held on with double-sided tape.)

A pile of presents, a pink birthday crown,  and a plate of cupcakes. That’s it.

She loved it.
I had a ton of ideas of how I could make this a spectacular birthday bash–but in the end, I had to scrap most of them. I had thought of including a ton of games to keep all the guests engaged within their comfort zone and do not feel as out of age. A musical chair game would have kept the younger, active ones busy and happy, while a music quiz would have made the school-goers use their creative brain. For the elder ones who will be present at this party, an online game would have attracted their interest. So, while I had great dreams of doing a Lucille birthday party–it ended up just being very “inspired by.”
I fell in love with this book the minute I opened it. The fact that the first four letters of Lucille’s name are the same as Lucia’s made it seem meant to be. My original idea for the bunting was to somehow imitate the font to spell out her name in the same style. This never materialized–but I still like the idea.
vintage flowers and sun
I love all the flowers in the book and had visions of flowery cupcake toppers like these. In the end, I went with flower cupcake liners and called it a day. I’m happy with how it turned out.

When I found an Inflatable ‘Rody Horse’ Rocking Horse at a yard sale for $6, I had my “Lucille.”

fancy horse
In the book, Lucille gets dressed up all fancy and goes to a party. So, I had Lucia wearing a cream dress, flowered headband, and of course, ruby slippers.
ruby slippers
Found them at Goodwill for $2! And the cream party dress was $6 at a kid’s shop. I’m telling you, the stars aligned for me on this party!
vintage horse book
The one idea that I regret not having included is a few pillbox hats for Juliet and myself to wear. The ladies at the party all had these great hats–it would have been fun for us to wear some. Next time. 🙂
ruby slippers and red pony
So that’s it! We sang happy birthday, destroyed a few cupcakes, and rode around the yard on a red plastic horse. A sweet celebration for my sweet girl.linking to strut your stuff thursday