how to make a faux wooden dollhouse floor

October 28, 2011

dollhouse wooden floor and wallpaper
I finally have some good progress to show you on my I'm a Giant dollhouse project. Check out the bedroom. I put up the wallpaper using my old friend Mod Podge and then started the floor--can you tell what it is made out of?
dollhouse wooden floor DIY
It's my trusty old faux wood contact paper! I love this stuff. And luckily for the dollhouse, I have a ton of it.
dollhouse wooden floor
There are a lot of reasons why I like this product, but my favorite is that it has a grid on the back--which makes cutting and measuring so much easier. These wooden planks are one box wide and four boxes long.
modern dollhouse bedroom
It took me about 1 episode of Wow Wow Wubzy to cut all the pieces and another episode to peel and stick. When Juliet saw the finished product she exclaimed, "Wait till my dolls see this!"

Laughing, I asked her, "What will your dolls say?"

To which she replied, "Whatever they want to say."

Of course. :)
dollhouse kitchen tile
I also started tiling the backsplash for the kitchen--using white label stickers. That took a little longer than the floor.
popsicle stick dollhouse floor
And here's a peek at the library floor. I'm debating whether to paint it or leave it natural.....

I'm not sure where the creepy red-eyed mouse came from, but he is perfectly sized for the dollhouse, so he'll probably be living here for awhile.

I also have to confess that I broke down and bid on some vintage dollhouse furniture on ebay. Not sure if I won yet, but I hope so. I need a kitchen table, some chairs, and a couch perhaps.

Can anyone recommend a good source for dollhouse furniture? I checked goodwill this week, but no luck.

(Catch up on all the other bloggers' progress at Emily's blog!)

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