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October 18, 2011

little house on the prairie books
Last week, we traveled out west to stay with some friends of ours. My friend has two daughters who are now both in college. I love visiting her because she knows exactly what little girls love and she generously shares her knowledge with me.

She's just a few steps ahead of me on the motherhood journey and our daughters are spaced about the same amount of years apart.

She's also the person you call up when you are looking for a good book to read. And even though she hasn't read it in years--she can still quote the entire Madeline book by memory.

Her house is filled with bookshelves with not only grown-up books, but also children's books! I loved walking through and perusing her shelves.

Seeing the above collection of Little House on the Prairie books made me smile. I loved these books as a kid and look forward to reading them with my girls in a few years.
I noticed a few of our own favorites, plus some new titles that I am itching to check out! In particular, I am intrigued by her books by miriam clark potter. Do any of you know of this author/illustrator? Her books look like they are just my style.

We read quite a few books from her collection that week and these ended up being Juliet's favorites:
kids books
Mousekin's Golden House is a sweet story about a mouse who makes a home out of a discarded jack-o-lantern. When we got home and carved a pumpkin, Juliet couldn't stop referencing this story. It's really sweet and unfortunately out of print and pretty pricey. If you find a copy of this at goodwill, snatch it up! I'm on the lookout for a copy for us.

Billy And Blaze: A Boy And His Horse is one of a series that Juliet fell in love with. The stories are just good, old-fashioned stories about a boy and his horse. Classic and good. But the real reason she loved it so much?
two girls and horse
This guy. A real life Blaze. :) 

Do you have any favorite horse/western books to share? 

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