bottle cap spider halloween kids craft: round two

October 19, 2011

spider parade
Last year, Juliet and I had fun creating these bottle cap spiders.

spider hotel entrance
We also made a spider hotel for them out of an old box. (Because they needed a place to stay.)

A big part of why I love crafting with items from our recycle box is the fact that I can toss them back into the recycle bin guilt-free in a few weeks after Juliet has tired of playing with her toys.

I expected these spiders to hang out till Halloween and then to exit the premises.

Unfortunately for me, this did not occur.

Those creepy-crawlies  hung around until March...when I finally pulled the mom card and threw them out. When my heartbroken child asked why, " I answered with the classic, "Because I said so."

I know. Heartless.

But really, how long can you keep an old beat up box and a bunch of googly-eyed bottle caps strewn around your house?

I had stepped on them one too many times.

I promised Juliet that we could make another spider hotel and family of spiders in October.

Well, come Oct. 1, Juliet held me to the deal and we crafted season 2's collection. I thought I'd share this year's versions with you:
 bottle cap spider craft
They are a little more colorful--more fashion-forward, if you will. Also, I managed to convince her to use some bigger googly eyes.

The pink one is her favorite.

I'm not allowed to touch it.

Any guesses on how long these guys will last? :)

I'm thinking they might just live here forever.

Which isn't so bad...if we have to have spiders living in our house, I prefer the bottle cap variety.

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