bottle cap spider halloween headband/hat tutorial

October 16, 2011

bottle cap spider hat tutorial
You may remember our bottle cap spiders from last October--they were a big hit in our house. So big that Juliet asked to make them again this year. We did, and I"ll share those with you soon, but first, I wanted to share my potential halloween costume for this year:
bottle cap spider pill box hat
I present to you: lady with big spider in her hair. (Look at her--she has NO idea that there is a spider in her hair.)

It's really easy to make, and kids think it's hilarious (or at least mine do.)
bottle cap spider how to
Here's how to make one. Find the biggest bottle cap you can--this one came from a peanut butter jar. Cut out a circle of creepy-ish scrapbook paper, mod podge it on, add googly eyes and wait for it to dry.
bottle cap spider underneath
Then hot glue some pipe cleaner legs and an elastic headband to the underside. Add a circle of felt over all of it to secure.
bottle cap spider hat tutorial
Oh yeah. And don't forget to add some felt fangs. Makes him even more terrifying.
bottle cap spider pillbox hat
When he dries, you can wear it on your head like a crazy hat.
bottle cap spider hat
And then post pictures of yourself wearing it on the internet. might be time for a new hobby...

What about you? Do you dress up with your kids for Halloween?

(By the way, the first photo is a picture of Juliet wearing the hat--she might try to steal my costume....)

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