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October 25, 2011

The Umbrella Queen by Shirin Yim Bridges
I'm starting the list with my favorite. Have you read this one yet? Set in Thailand, it's the story of a young girl who begins helping her parents with the family business: painting umbrellas. She is instructed to paint flowers and butterflies, but decides she would rather paint elephants. When her parents tell her she can't do that anymore, she makes her own mini-umbrellas and paints elephants on them after she is done with her work for the day.

Eventually, the King comes by for the yearly judging of umbrella contest, sees her tiny masterpieces and rewards her with the title of Umbrella Queen because she "paints from her heart."

It's just the perfect story for me. I loved it so much I renewed it 3 times (our library's max). Tomorrow, I have to take it back. Sniff.

I can think of so many craft ideas to go with this...(here's a link to a mini-parasol tutorial) In the spring, we might make a few of these and paint them in our backyard--kind of like in the book.

A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka is a beautiful wordless book. I must admit, sometimes I really don't like wordless books, but this one is fantastic. It was fun looking at the pictures and telling the story to each other. The artwork is beautiful.

Augustus And His Smile by Catherine Rayner is another beautifully illustrated picture book. I recently did a post all about lion books, but this one is making me think the tigers need a list of their own. Does anyone have another good tiger book to share? This one is perfect for reading aloud.

Bare Bear by Miriam Moss
Little bear loses his laundry and goes on an adventure to recover it. Silly and fun. Plus an ogre. (He's a vegetarian, though, so no worries.)

Belinda in Paris by Amy Young. Your little ballerina will love this one. Belinda has gigantic feet (see them in the picture?) but that's what makes her such a splendid dancer. When her shoes don't arrive, she rushes around Paris looking for a new pair. Of course, they don't make a pair that large, so she has to get clever with how she rounds up her new shoes. Not only is it a fun story, but it makes me want to go to Paris.

Here's the perfect craft to go with this! Ballerina pop-up cards by my friend Amanda. Isn't she cute? Just make her feet bigger and she's Belinda. :)

That's what we're loving this week. How about you? What books are you loving?

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